Property Management

Do you have rental property but don’t have the time or ability to manage it?  We can help.

Our office manages rental property for both Commercial and Residential properties.  As an agent we would provide the following services.

·         Advertise to procure tenants for the property.

·         Obtain a completed application with references from prospective tenant.

·         Generate a tenant credit report from

·         Represent the owner in negotiating and obtaining an executed lease agreement with the tenant.

·         Collect monthly rent from each tenant.

·         Maintain a checking trust account.

·         Be the contact point for the tenant, thus relieving the owner of need to interface with the tenants on a daily basis.

·         Arrange for contractors and service provides when needed for repairs, et al.

·         Pay invoices for operating costs such as utilities, maintenance, repairs, etc.

·         Provide owner with monthly rent roll and ledger.

·         Issue 1099 reports annually to the IRS for owners and vendors.

The fee for providing this service would initially be 50% of one month rent to procure a tenant, then 8% of the monthly rental or a minimum of $75 each month.  Commercial and/or multiple tenant situations may be modified.  Contact the office for additional details or to customize services for your specific leasing situation.